School Wellness Programs

School Wellness Programs are organized and facilitated by members of the School Wellness Committee. If you are interested in supporting School Wellness Programs, there are many ways to get involved. For additional information about any of our committees, or to suggest a new program, please contact the Healthy Lifestyles team at Marshfield Clinic Center for Community Health Advancement at 715-221-8400.

Farm to School
The Farm to School program provides locally grown produce in the school lunch program while supporting local and regional farmers.

Cooking Carts
Cooking carts are available at all public elementary schools to teach cooking lessons. The committee encourages and supports the use of the cooking carts.

Policy Promotion
The school wellness committee works to increase the awareness level and implementation of the school wellness policy among staff.

Healthy Incentives
The school wellness committee works with parents and teachers to encourage classroom teachers to use healthy incentives in the classroom. See healthy incentive list.