Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs are organized and facilitated by members of the Nutrition Committee. If you are interested in supporting Nutrition Programs, there are many ways to get involved. For additional information about any of our committees, or to suggest a new program, please contact the Healthy Lifestyles team at Marshfield Clinic Center for Community Outreach at 715-221-8400.


Farm to Table

The Farm to Table program connects local growers with restaurant managers and chefs to purchase locally grown produce. Entrées that contain locally grown ingredients are labeled on the restaurants’ menus.


Local Food Expo


Healthy Check-Out Lane

The Coalition partnered with Festival Foods to create a Healthy Check-Out Lane. The Healthy Check-Out lane contains healthy options such as; fruit, nuts and granola bars and is free of candy, sodas and other unhealthy foods.


Healthy Lifestyles Supports Farmers


We encourage all Marshfield area residents to shop at the local farmers markets all year round.


Farmers Market Cooking Demos: Healthy cooking demos are scheduled at the summer Farmers Markets that feature recipes with produce from the markets.


Winter Farmers Markets: The Homesteader’s Pantry, a winter farmer’s market, will be opening this season.


CSAs and Local Food Production: The Auburndale Food Coop is a unique CSA opportunity that allows you to choose your own items sourced from local farmers.